Terms of Services

The Service Provider Responsibilities and Commitments –
The CLIENT asked the service provider, and the service provider has agreed, to act for the Clients in the matter of immigration to Canada under EXPRESS ENTRY SYSTEM.
In consideration of the fees paid and the matter stated above, the service provider agrees to the following:
• Assess the CLIENT’s qualifications; • Assist the CLIENT and the CLIENT’s dependents in the preparation of his/her application for permanent residence;
• Collate the documents necessary in support of the application and advise the CLIENT as to which documents are required in support of the application;
• Review, compile, and prepare case submissions and file with the relevant visa office;
• Faithfully assist the CLIENT of ongoing requirements by the visa office with respect to the CLIENT’s case;
• Keep CLIENT reasonably informed of case progress;
• Answer all reasonable requests from the CLIENT for information;
• Hold in strict confidence all information concerning the personal and business affairs of the CLIENT acquired during the course of the professional relationship, and not disclose such information unless disclosure is expressly or implicitly authorized by the CLIENT, is required by law, or is otherwise permitted by the rules;
• Assist CLIENT with respect to the preparation for any interview granted in consideration of his/her application; • Not disclose the fact of having been consulted or retained by the CLIENT unless the nature of the matter required such disclosure;
• Subject to being compelled by law or legal process, the Company shall preserve the CLIENT’s confidential information even after the termination of the retainer, whether or not differences have arisen between the SERVICE PROVIDER and the CLIENT;
• Ensure the safekeeping of the CLIENT’s property in accordance with the law and with reasonable care.

CLIENT’s Responsibilities and Commitments

The CLIENT must provide, upon request from the service provider:
• Faithfully provide all information requested by the service provider and the processing visa office as per company’s instructions; the CLIENT shall be solely responsible for all the consequences for submission of false or incorrect information and any consequences arising out of any delays on the part of the CLIENT in submitting such documents.
• Execute forms as required and obtain all documents and information that may be necessary for the processing of the case as per service provider instructions;
• Forthwith provide all supporting documentation and other evidence as requested by SERVICE PROVIDER and only provide such documents which are legal, valid and genuine especially in respect of educational qualifications and experience. Any inaccuracy with respect to the same may seriously affect the visa application. The CLIENT would be responsible for the adverse effect on case because of non-submission/delayed submission of required documents and other evidence;
• Faithfully disclose to service provider all information related to any and all of the CLIENT’s and dependents, current or prior criminal charges and/or convictions;
• Forthwith advise service provider of any and all communications received by the CLIENT from the processing visa office.
• Provide service provider adequate instructions at all times and more specifically of any change in information relating to address, education, training, employment, job responsibilities, material status, criminal charges or any other information or circumstances that may render him/her inadmissible and or have a direct impact on his/her case.
• Attend all interviews as and when required by the processing visa office and promptly follow all instruction as communicated by the processing visa office, but only with consent and approval of service provider.
• Forthwith pay the processing fees levied by the processing visa office. The CLIENT would be responsible for any adverse effect on the case due to delay/ non-payment of processing fee charges by immigration Authorities. If there are any changes in the visa processing fee, RPRF, fees or any other fees levied by the Authorities they would be borne by the CLIENT.
• CLIENT has a duty to accept and act upon service provider advised on all matters relating to his/her case.

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