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The Spousal Sponsorship application process is an overwhelming and tedious errand. Normal spousal applications are between 120 – 150 pages, in the wake of including all administration frames and going with evidentiary archives. In the event that archives are required to be interpreted, it very well may be upwards of 200 pages.

The Canadian government has turned out to be progressively more strict while checking on applications and giving endorsements. There has been a developing number of false applications from individuals who are utilizing the Spousal Sponsorship application procedure to acquire lasting home illicitly. This has made it considerably more difficult to set up a solid application that will be endorsed without issues. Regularly, when people endeavor to apply without anyone else, the application is feeble and the visa officer isn’t persuaded of the validity of the relationship. They will either ask for a meeting for the two individuals, issue a reasonableness letter asking for more confirmation with assist clarification, or a by and large refusal. Around 40% of the customers our firm holds is after a refusal, when they apply individually.

The IRCC is to a great extent to fault for the vast number of refusals. The IRCC posts forms with guidelines on the procedure, giving the feeling that the procedure is simple and should be possible independent from anyone else. Simply in the wake of beginning the procedure all alone and having the application returned or won’t, will a man comprehend the unpredictability included. On the off chance that an application is returned for utilizing obsolete structures, or for being deficient, it will postpone the procedure by 2 to 3 months. On the off chance that an application is refused, PR won’t be allowed for more than 2 years. In the event that the application was an Outland application, and your mate originates from a non visa-absolved nation which requires a TRV visa to movement to Canada, they won’t have the capacity to movement to Canada for at least 2 years, except if they as of now have a TRV visa. After a denied spousal application, the IRCC won’t favor a TRV visa.

Possible Outcomes:

• Application is returned: If an application was not finished, CPC-M will restore the application following 2 to 2.5 months. On the off chance that the application was recorded Inland, and a man is depending on suggested status by means of the Open Work Permit being affirmed, they will drop out of status as the work allow won’t be handled. On the off chance that the individual has been out of status for under 90 days, they can apply for Restoration of Status and resubmit the Spousal application. On the off chance that 90 days have gone since dropping out of status, they should leave Canada.

• In person Interview: People frequently get apprehensive and act suspicious, or they answer addresses inaccurately this happens very regularly. The visa officer will take point by point notes of the meeting and will reject the application in the event that they are not persuaded after the meeting.

• Fairness letter: IRCC will send a letter, asking for extra data. It is basic to give a point by point accommodation letter, alongside confirm that will bolster the application. Inability to do as such will result in a refusal. On the off chance that you end up in this circumstance, it is firmly encouraged to hold proficient help to help set up a reaction.

• Refusal: If an Inland Spousal application is refused, there are no rights to an interest (as there are with Outland applications). In the event that an application is refused, the individual in Canada will in all likelihood never again have status (except if they are an understudy or specialist). The main choice is hold a law office to record a Judicial survey on the first application or present another application. A Judicial Review process will take 6 months to a year, in addition to up to 6 extra months for IRCC to process the application.

In the event that the application was an Outland application, an interest can be recorded with the IAD (migration offer division) and a hearing date will be planned to be held in 1.5 to 2 years. Amid this time, your mate won’t have the capacity to movement to Canada, except if they as of now have a legitimate TRV. On the off chance that they don’t have a legitimate TRV, the IRCC won’t issue a TRV after a rejected sponsorship application.

​​Proving the validity of a relationship:

The IRCC investigates the validity of each relationship to guarantee the candidate isn’t submitting marriage extortion with a specific end goal to move. In the event that the officer isn’t persuaded the marriage is veritable, they will deny the application and can also ban the applicants.

A few criteria that the IRCC mulls over while evaluating applications:

  • Compatibility of couple
  • Co-residence (or absence of)
  • Length of relationship (2 years and shorter require more archives)
  • Contrasts in religion, or position (eg: Indian, Pakistani connections)
  • Age distinction
  • Distinction in instruction
  • Social contrasts


Most regular errors which result in returned applications (2 to multi month delay):

  • Obsolete/Incorrect adaptation of Forms: ( 8 – 10 altogether). Structures change each 1 – 2 months.
  • Mistakenly noting questions: (around 200 aggregate)
  • Leaving questions clear/unanswered/not utilizing “N/A” where relevant
  • Missing Required Forms/Documents/Evidence
  • Wrong picture particulars: no D.O.B, Studio Name, Date taken, excessively/too minimal blank area around head.
  • Wrong charges paid or excluded in application
  • Stirring up the “Chief candidate” and the “Support”
  • Nation Specific Requirements: excluded or off base


Other potential Issues:

  • Application not connecting to online record
  • Open Work Permit not issued
  • Police checks
  • Issues with separate from records
  • Children from another marriage (going with and non-going with)
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