CIC Express Entry Draw 89 – Expected 9th May 2018

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CIC Express Entry Draw 89 – 9th May 2018

Today, we are discussing the next upcoming Express Entry draw  which is going to be Draw 89, since the system started and drew the attention of Canadian Immigration aspirants worldwide.

Before we move ahead, we should take a note of what happened in the CIC Express Entry draw 88 released on April 25th 2018. The draw invited 3,500 Candidates with a CRS Cut-Off score of 441. This was consecutive draw where CIC invited 3,500 candidates and it remains to be seen how this number moves up or down in the next draw to be released.

CIC Express entry draw 89 will be 9th Draw for this year and here are the stats based on the previous years so far since the express entry came into inception –

2016 – 10,419

2017 – 28,385

2018 – 24,500 so far (Expected 74,900)

2019 – Expected invitations 81,400 based on the figures released so far.

These numbers indicate that in the next draws to come, CIC will continue to draw at least 3,500 or more candidates out of the pool in every draw. And with larger draws the minimum CRS score cut-off will take a hit.

10th Jan – 446

24th Jan – 444

7th Feb – 442

21st Feb – 442

14th March – 456

26th March – 446

11th April – 444 

25th April – 441

Evidently, higher the number of invitations, lower is the CRS Cut-off score, which means that if CIC wants to meet its target the next draws to come will have higher number of invitations with lower CRS.

How low can the CRS go –

That’s a million dollar question, which no pundit has been able to answer so far. But it’s a fact that with CIC able to draw 3500+ candidates at a score of 446, the pool is constantly getting good applicants. Not even that, OOPNP noticed that even the existing candidates in the pool are constantly trying to upgrade their scores and get above the cut-off scores. An aspirants can take the following steps to increase his express entry score –

  • Redo IELTS
  • Try to apply separately from your spouse to get higher score (yes it worked for our clients)
  • Try to get a PNP nomination (100% recommended for anyone below 400 score)
  • Try to get a relevant job offer (we have services 800+ applicants, want one for yourself, connect with us)

As you can see, there are multiple methods to make sure you make it to the elite group of invited candidates. If you have a lower score and want to immigrate , reach out to us with your case profile at – CONSULTANT@OOPNP.COM

How much time it takes to process my application for Express Entry with CIC ?

The number of days taken to process an express entry application by CIC can range anywhere from 10 days to upto 1.5 years as we have seen in numerous client cases so far. Your application processing timeline depends on the following factors –

  • Country of application – Although, this is not a rule but we have seen applications from certain countries being processed at a much faster pace compared to others.
  • Your travel history – Depending on the entries you have in your travel history, your police verification and document checks will take longer time
  • Your job documents – If you have worked with MNC’s which are easier to verify, your application should be approved earlier as compared to applications with complex work history for example self owned businesses
  • Your documents – If you have attached all documents as per CIC list, you should not face any delay but if you missed something, the application goes to review and then it gets delayed until something picks it up back from queue.
  • Your funds – Did you attach your stock portfolio as funding or may be any documents which is anything other than liquid cash, we don;t recommend that.

It’s a long list but these 5 factors are the most important ones, which ensure your application gets delayed and stuck in the queue.

The gist of this article is YOU MUST HAVE SOMEONE VERIFY your application before you pay for it to CIC.

If you do not want any delays and want peace of mind, make sure you email us at – CONSULTANT@OOPNP.COM and for a small fee, our consultants will help you finalise your documentation to make sure you don’t miss what was needed and asked for.


Rachael Clark is an Immigration Consultant with an experience of over 7 years working with candidates across Europe. With a success rate of over 80% candidates receiving provincial nomination, Rachael writes on a number of subjects. More information is published on

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