What happens after you get ITA ?

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Hello Readers,

Great, I got ITA, now what ?

Today we will be discussing one of the most important stage in your route to Permanent Residency which be a make or break thing. It’s very stressful and has a tendency to alter lives as far as OOPNP clients are concerned.

we are talking about what happens after you get ITA which is Invitation to apply for PR from CIC. This is the step where Cic asks you to submit the documents which goes under verification processes and takes its own due course before getting approved or rejected from CIC. To make it simple, we are broadly categorising and discussing them here for you –

1. Personal documents – You need to get birth certificates of your kids if included, you need all your personal documents like passports and previous travel history. Details of your stays and travels outside of your home country are extremely important and should be to the point. This can extend your application approval time considering how much your travel history is.

2. Financials- CIC provides us a number which the person needs to show as proof to apply for this. OOPNP always recommend to have this as a proof in liquid cash funds. Try not to include anything which can not be cashed out right away , if you do that it will increase questions, doubts and processing time.

3. Job documents – if you got ITA you have shown that you hold experience in specific NOC for specific time, now is the time when CIC asks for all those document proofs. You need to prove your work experience and back it up with documents like bank statements. In case your experience in that NOC is in splits, feel free to submit only relevant documentation. And just in case if your company declines to give out any such document , your immediate senior to whom you reported can give you a letter while you can back it up with your salary slips and bank deposits.

4. Medicals- You must take a medical test with CIC approved panel doctor who will release the test results directly to CIC not to you.

5. Photographs – Try and get photos which Dont get rejected. Read the specifications and go to a professional photographer to get it done.

Like I informed above, the application processing times can vary from 30 days to upto a year that our clients have experienced so far, it can be more than that depending on complexity of application or sometimes CIC just sleeps on your application. If that’s the case you can nudge them by asking for notes for you application, we have seen cases when asking for notes initiated and hastened up the application process.

The key to successfull application is to make sure you are providing documents which are backed up with proofs and are not questionable leading to processing without delays.

All of these points discussed above are just general points and not related to hundreds of special case applications where additional documents are requested. And we have had clients asking us hundreds of questions as they have no idea what to include or exclude.

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Rachael Clark is an Immigration Consultant with an experience of over 7 years working with candidates across Europe. With a success rate of over 80% candidates receiving provincial nomination, Rachael writes on a number of subjects. More information is published on OOPNP.com

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