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Hello Readers,

Today we are going to dedicated our blog to a very important question and answer it based on the tested way out on one of our clients. The express entry pool is growing by thousands of members every month and with this cut-off scores are hovering at 440-460 levels lately making it difficult for people with lower scores to get in. Essentially the system is designed to keep scores out of bounds for a large percentage of members allowing CIC to lower the score at their own will.

One of our client was having the same problemĀ  and candidates with such lower scores like in bracket of 400-420 can not do anything besides sitting in the pool, aging and loosing points on every birthday. To resolve this, we suggested him a different way out, which was to apply for immigration without his family members and get nomination or Permanent residency first for himself, since he had highest scores.

Process step 1 –

Calculate your scores based on individual immigration with yourself or your spouse as main candidate and see if that works out to increase your score. In our client’s case, it did work out and he was able to get score and made it within next couple of score drops. You can try to directly get invitation and if that does not work try checking your score for provincial nomination. See if anything resolves your problem and if it does, do not think twice before jumping in and making this decision. The reason why we are saying this is, when we talk about immigration those scores are not going to come down anytime soon, as pool goes stronger with every passing month your chances of getting an invitation goes slim.

In our client’s case, he was able to get invitation and fortunately was able to get his Permanent residency application processed within a period of 4 months.

Process Step 2 –

Once you receive your visa, it’s time to see how you can get your family down there in Canada. For our client, he got the last date of landing as Feb 2018 following which we advised him to submit for visitor visa application in January with valid forms and information, letter of support, finances. This is the most crucial step as this will make or break your application process. If done correctly with knowledge, there is no way you can go wrong.

Fortunately, our client received his approval for his child and spouse and got visa for 6 months.

Steps to get Permanent Residency for your family –

Further, once you land in Canada with permanent residency with your family on visitor permit, you can start application for their residency from within Canada. Also try to find a job role which will further strength your application. And the most important thing to remember here is time, if you are not able to do anything on time, you should submit for visitor visa extension for your family just around when their visa is to expire in next 30 days.

The extension grant depends on your present salary status, make sure you submit the application in correct format and that should resolve the problem.

You can call this as Divide and Conquer strategy, but it worked for a client of ours who is about to do his landing with his family. We are publishing this info here only after making sure that it works without any flaws.

If you have any questions or you need professional support in submission of your applications, drop an email at –

Fee for application submission support is $700 CAD for every candidate.

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