New Immigration Strategy coming in June 12th 2017 – Highly Skilled Foreign Workers

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Hello Readers,

As we inch closer to middle of the year 2017, express entry program is shaping up to be a highly anticipated program for people sitting in the pool with CRS above 400. But what about the people below. Possibly, a new immigration strategy is under plans from Canadian Govt. and may be launched on June 12th 2017.

The program is accepting applications, APPLY TODAY, SEND RESUME to –

Well, the federal government’s plan to accelerate the Visa and work permit access will launch June 12th highly skilled foreign workers who are much sought after by Canadian companies.
Former immigration Minister John McCullum and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains unveiled the program framework last November in Mississauga.

The global skills strategy seeks to read the immigration system of obstacles, that prevent Canadian firms from swift access to highly skilled workers from around the world and attracting global talent. Last week, Bains and Employment Workforce Development and Labour minister “Patty Hadju” announced the launch date for the strategy, including the global talent stream of the temporary for men walking program.

Previously announced elements of the strategy includes a two week standard for work processing permits, work permits processed in 10 days are eligible walkers and drop in work permit requirements for short-term highly skilled work and brief Cabinet visit.

The government is also creating a dedicated service to help companies looking to bring talent from abroad, if those businesses commit to significant job creations in Canada. Labour market experts and stakeholders Are being consulted to develop a global talent list of eligible high demand occupations that would fall under the programme.

The program is now Successfully in place and accepting applications, Email your resume to –, if you wish to apply for this stream in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia Provinces.


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    Hello dears I am 24 years expert brickmason, stonemason, tileseter, etc I want this job visa please contact me and help me


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