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Hello Readers,

There are some events in the history of every country, which helps redefine its immigrate rules and strategies. But there are rare events, when the events happening in some other country affects the immigration trends of neighbor country. As of now, Google search is witnessing highest volume of searches from USA for people, who would like to Immigrate to Canada from USA.

A large number of queries received by OOPNP consultants in month of January comes from the H1B Visa holders currently working in USA. While USA currently offers uncertainty, Canada has excellent social services and schools. Health care is free for all Canadian residents. Canada has a highly diverse society, with large immigrant communities in all the major cities. Canada is a tolerant society that permits common law and same-sex partners to immigrate along with the principal applicant. So why not Canada eh..?

Immigrate to Canada from USA if you have H1-B Visa

Even if you are on an H-1B visa in the United States, you may have to leave after a total of six years.  Worst of all, the backlogs in the EB-2 and EB-3 employment categories mean that many will wait ten years or more for their Green Cards to be approved. And with Mr. Trump constantly working on all possible ways to limit H1-B, there is a strong possibility that the day is near when you wake up to find all H1-B visas revoked and things move t0 100% uncertain timezone. TIME TO ACT NOW.

With no job offer required, a Federal skilled work permit in Canada is one of the best chance for all H1-B visa holders. You should get your profile assessment done and enter the express entry process at the earliest time to make sure you are in safe zone. Other possibilities include one of the spouse to take up higher education in USA and other spouse can get Open work permit.

If your U.S. employer has an affiliate in Canada, you may be able to transfer to Canada as an intra-company transferee. Canada has a healthy job market, and many foreign workers with job offers are able to get work permits. Unlike the U.S., if one spouse qualifies for a temporary work visa in a skilled category, the husband or wife can work as well.

As evident, there are numerous options available, the only thing you need is here is ACTION. So act today, send your resume for consultation to – CONSULTANT@OOPNP.COM

Let us take up your assessment and proceed with informed decisive advice from our ICCRC approved lawyers and we will make sure, you never leave your comfort zone.

Immigrate to Canada today for better, safe and secured future of your family.

Rachael Clark is an Immigration Consultant with an experience of over 7 years working with candidates across Europe. With a success rate of over 80% candidates receiving provincial nomination, Rachael writes on a number of subjects. More information is published on OOPNP.com

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