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Hello Readers,

This post is essentially written by one of our previous client Miss. Jenny Wong from China. This details ” how she has used OOPNP Consultancy Services to obtain LMIA Roles in Canada”. The post briefs “How LMIA Works in Canada” and how these clients used our Services to obtain LMIA positive roles. Here is what she hasp to say –

How LMIA Works, LMIA approved job offersMy name is Jenny Wong and i am currently working as a “Merchandising Manager” with FION, which is a wholesaler, importer and exporter of Leather products based in China. My role is to develop & execute the luxury brand repositioning. I am also leading the website relaunch from vision to implementation to reflect the new brand.

I envisioned Canada as my next destination, since i want to work with international brands. I submitted my Express Entry profile in 2015 and with a score of 345, i had no clues on what to do next to increase my scores to get ITA from CIC. Sometime back while researching on Google, i came in contact with OOPNP Consultants. While i kept pursuing my own avenues, i had discussion with these guys and decided to give it a shot.

LMIA Process –

If you do not know, LMIA is short form of Labour Market Impact Assessment. An employer can hire a Temporary foreign worker only if –

  • there is no Canadian worker available to do the job
  • there is a need for the foreign worker to fill the job you offer
  • hiring a foreign worker will not negatively affect the Canadian labour market

How i hired OOPNP Consultants –

I was aware of this process and as everyone says getting an LMIA role for a foreign worker like me is next to “Impossible”. But given the fact the OOPNP Consultants provided me with a money back guarantee, i gave it a shot. It seemed expensive at first spending $1,800 CAD on a wild card job search, but with Money back guaranteed and future career at stake, i decided to take up this service and paid for LMIA Job Consultancy and Resume Improvement services.

Process Started –

OOPNP Consultants received my bank wire confirmation for services payment on 5th day and forwarded me a Personal Information form, took my word document resume, passport sized photos and my LinkedIn profile link for optimisations. Within 4 weeks, i had Canadian Version of my resume drafted and my profile optimised to make sure, i project a professional image before potential employers and from here started the process of LMIA Consultancy.

Interviews & Positive Results –

In next 4 months, i was given the opportunity to have interviews with 7 employers including one with Walmart Canada. The interviews were conducted on Skype, Phone. I was also sent questionnaires to complete by the companies, which i did while sitting at my home. The interview process in Canada was quite different to what i was used to before and i took some guidance from OOPNP Consultants on “how to crack these interviews”. I must appreciate Rachel and Teresa gave some very good hints on cracking these nervous processes.

The results were positive and i was successful in converting 2 out of 7 interviews within a period of 5 months. I am fortunate that Walmart picked up and i will be working as “Merchandise Planner” with Walmart, although the location is yet to be communicated to me. I have received confirmation from Walmart and with this hiring confirmation, i received 600 points towards my CRS score following which i received my ITA in October 2016.

My PR Application with OOPNP Consultants –

I am letting OOPNP Consultants take care of my Canadian PR Application for which i have to pay them additional but it’s all worth in the end. The best part with the process is LMIA workers get paid “Higher than Average” wages and in the end, whatever you spend in the process of getting LMIA Consultancy, Resume Corrections will be recovered within the first couple of months with the extra salary you receive from the company.

Final Reviews – 

How LMIA works, get LMIA job offers


The overall experience was completely positive and i am sure i can recommend “OOPNP Consultants” to all those who are looking to pursue LMIA roles to get full time job role and immigrate to Canada for better career.

For any questions, please mention in comments and i will make sure i reply back to your queries.


Rachael Clark is an Immigration Consultant with an experience of over 7 years working with candidates across Europe. With a success rate of over 80% candidates receiving provincial nomination, Rachael writes on a number of subjects. More information is published on

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    I am an IT team lead with ascore of 350 and i am looking for an employer who could sponsor me and help me get an LMIA…..please help

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    Usman afzal age 21 years pakistani living in uae i have passed secondary level with science.ielts 5.5 .land serveyour diploma .computer application diploma.valid uae driving license. Experience of one year of driving on roads and deserts in uae.3 years pak driving experience.please arrange LMIA for me to apply for work permit.waiting for your reply. 00971567469863


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