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Canada Immigration Minister John McCallum has pointed to ageing population and shortage of workforce as possible points being considered to implement new changes in the Canadian Immigration Policies. He said that changes in the express entry system and policy overhaul are the only options to fill country workforce needs.

While making his pitch in one of the most anticipated pitches in Manila in a conference, John said that

Canada needs to substantially increase the immigration quota to resolve the concerns of ageing population and shortage of work force.

The express entry quota has already been increased by upto 305,000 applicants in 2016  compared to 260,000 applicants in 2015. McCallum also confirmed that all proposals are still at discussion stages and no final decision is done as of yet, but he plans to discuss these plans with his colleagues and bring them at a consensus.

Reducing Barriers to Immigration –

Minister McCallum confirms that he has couple of important points to be considered while finalising these new changes –

  1. Remove any barriers for Permanent Residency for international students coming to Canada, thus helping them settle here as Citizens.
  2. Removal need of LMIA Document which is a document needed for all employers while hiring foreign nationals.

Here is the exact extract from his statement –

“So we’re going to make it easier for international students, we’re going to reduce some of the barriers in our immigration system … we don’t think that every immigrant needs to go through what we call a labour market impact assessment process. We think it can be simplified. We think there are some rules which are no longer necessary,” McCallum said.

“Not every Canadian will agree. But I think with our mindset of welcoming newcomers in the beginning, with the facts of the labour shortages, ageing population, we have a good case to make, and I think we will be able to convince a higher proportion of Canadians that this is the right way for Canada to go.”

Minister also said they are trying to reduce application processing time across all categories to make sure families are reunited at the earliest and immigrant applications are cleared before time.

All of these changes are quite important what we all need to see is how soon they are implemented.

We will update with any new statement or press releases from the Minister’s office.


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