10 Important Changes proposed in Canadian Immigration System

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Canada is one of the hottest destinations for immigration amongst those interested in settling down for better future. Although the immigration system currently in place has drawn heat from aspirants around the world, the Canadian Govt. is also gearing up to implement some important changes to the immigration system, which will resolve some of the issues currently doing rounds in media.

Here are some of the important proposed changes by Liberals, which may be implemented soon enough –

  1. There is high change that the immigration applications allowed for the Parents and Grand Parents Sponsorship may be doubled to 10,000 each year which previously was 5,000. This will be an initiative to enhance the family integration program which Govt. is trying to support currently.
  2. The implementation budget for the processing of Family class immigration is all set to be Doubled.
  3. Allocation of more points to immigrants who have family in Canada.
  4. Remove visa need for Mexican immigrants.
  5. Removal of $1,000 CAD fee for LMIA for those families who are seeking caregivers for family members with mentally or physically disabled.
  6. Free access to healthcare system for Refugees.
  7. Most important proposal is to help International Students receive citizenship in a much easier way compared to present system. They are trying to specially remove barriers to students receiving immigration via CEC system. How is this going to be implemented is one of the most awaited changes out of all proposed.
  8. Count the student permit time towards citizenship for international students residing in Canada.
  9. Remove the two year wait period for receiving conditional permanent residence for sponsored individual spouses.
  10. Place a limit of maximum age of 19-22 yrs for the dependent age, thus making it easier for immigrants to bring older children in the country.

It’s evident that Canada is trying to make sure people don’t leave their families while immigrating to this country and it’s trying to make every possible change to make it an easy task. Not all of these changes can be considered in demand, but some of these changes will benefit a lot of aspirants currently sitting in express entry pool with low scores.

International students are all set to be benefitted with these changes, how much will it effect all of us still remains to be seen.

We will update this post once we get better hold of information.


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