Canadian Immigration Economic Immigrants Quota reduced by 20% – Update Year 2016

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Syrian Refugee situation has already raised stakes across various member nations in European Union. Now, as per the latest updates, the Syrian refugees coming to Canada have also effected a reduction of almost 20% in the quota for Year 2016 towards Economic Immigrants.

As per the updates received towards Canadian Immigration Plan for the year of 2016, all categories across FSW/FST/CEC are seeing a reduction of almost 20% in their respective quota numbers.

The immigration plan available on CIC website covers the following statistics –

Canadian Immigration Quota Changes 2016


Although one can see the Quota increases to 300,000 new applicants for the year 2016 but a quick observation suggests –

In 2015, FSW and CEC had quotas of 51,000 and 23,000 respectively, but these 2 programs have a merged intake of around 58,400 -leading to loss of more than 26,000 nominations for Economic stream.

CIC affirms that – “The plan supports family reunification, reductions in application processing times, responds to economic needs and allows the government to meet humanitarian objectives.”

For candidates looking for the CRS to come down in the months of August or September, this may be a frightening situation due to combined factors listed below –

  • PNP’s are being processed at full speed while the new invitations are paused, this will lead to more candidates with 600 additional points coming in the pool every week when the draw is done stretching the CRS towards higher points.
  • Since CIC wants to keep the quota low for the Economic streams, there is a possibility that CIC intentionally keeps the CRS scores higher to invite less number of applicants in each upcoming draw for the year 2016 until the quota numbers for the next year 2017 is announced.

It may be shocking to learn that – Canadian Government is cutting on the quota of skilled workers to make way for refugees to settle down in Canada. Although humane, but the situation is quite troubling for the applicants currently waiting in the pool or those who are on the verge of their work permits getting expired soon.

Considering the important fact that previously scores have dropped down to 451 and stayed above that for the complete year, one can expect the current CRS scores to remain at this level or above for the complete year or even in year 2017. It looks like Provincial nomination is the only way forward for those who have scores below 450.

We will cover an exclusive post on “how to get a job sitting outside Canada” in the coming discussions.

Stay Tuned.

Adrienne is an immigration consultant and follows the CIC updates keenly. She has special interests in laws and upcoming policy changes in Canadian Immigration which may have impact on interested applicants.

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