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Are you looking to Immigrate to Canada as a student or are you already studying in Canada and contemplating the chances of receiving your PR based on your education credentials ? Chances are slim that the route you chose is the best possible way, why or why not we discuss in this post.

In the past before the changes implemented in January 2015, international students who have completed their education in Canada were given preference while submitting their application towards Permanent Residency. However, changes implemented by the Canadian Government in January 2015 had negative impact on all such applicants.

The new system introduced removed any preferences, under the new system these students will be treated at par with all other applicants for Express Entry thus they will need to compete with a wide range of applicants and score in the Express entry system to receive the grant of Permanent Residency. As a result of these new rules, international students have to submit their profile for the Express entry draws and if their scores are high enough for the cut-off, the system sends out an invite for submission of PR applications.

Let’s discuss in brief, how you can receive your PR grant based on your education received in Canada. A student today has option to go for Provincial Nomination Programs to receive a nomination from the province he has completed studies from.  All provinces across Canada have number of PNP’s running to grant nomination to suitable candidates, which will allow them to have 600 additional points with this nomination.  How to get this Nomination for various provinces is discussed here in our post on

Out of all provinces, Ontario is the most favoured province for landing and settlement amongst international community, resulting in high number of applicants. As of today June 2016, OOPNP has paused the intake of new applicants and is not issuing any more interest letters to Candidates in the express entry pool, however it is expected to open back in November 2016 as stated in the official statement from Ontario PNP. This notification issued on May 9th 2016, the intake has been paused for all streams.

Other provinces have also exhausted their yearly application quota and highly improbable to open it again till the end of this year. A number of students have been staying on visitor permit after their work permits expired waiting for nomination or express entry scores staying high. Another good number of students don’t see any ray of light coming their way anytime sooner then November 2016. Hard times for international students who have expressed their problems to government which has taken a note and possibly considering implementing a new law under which the international students will receive a grant of additional 600 points towards their CRS scores helping them to get a nomination sooner compared to other applicants in the pool as discussed in our last post here.

Other possible scenarios to receive PR is to go through the PHD stream if you are have been granted successful PHD degree or to find out an LMIA supported job role, which is as difficult to find as a meteor in the universe.

Stay tuned as we cover other provincial nomination programs and avenues to get Permanent Residency for international students staying in Canada.


Michael Sean Winters in an expert in Student immigration to Canada and has helped numerous students in their successful immigration and settlement across various provinces in Canada.

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