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Quebec has initiated Mon projet Québec which covers an online immigration application management system. These applications will be processed under Quebec Skilled Worker Program. (QSWP 2016)

The Quebec government has established QSWP as an immigration program with the aim of attracting skilled immigrants to Quebec, Canada. The candidates will be evaluated across a range of credentials including age, education, training, previous work experience and language.

The QSWP is a very popular immigration program which allows applicants and their families to obtain the Permanent Residency status  after they receive Quebec Selection Certificate from Government of Quebec.

From January 2016, Quebec Government implemented “Mon projet Québec” in order to submit the application for immigration to Canada under the QSWP. Quebec Government “Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion”  announced the following schedule for QSWP.

  • The project will accept 5,000 Applicants during the period of June 13 and June 20, 2016. This period is restricted to An estimated 41,000 applicants who created account in January 2016. The project will not reopen for new registrations before the period of June Intake.
  • Once this number is reached out, applicants without account can create a new account with a view of next intake, the dates of which will be announced later. The applications will be limited to 5,000 in the next intake.

Want to apply forMon projet Québec, follow these steps starting June 13, 2016 8:30am (Montreal Time) –

  1. Access the Virtual Waiting Room on tab “Se connecter”. The lines will open only after 8:30AM not before with your positions displayed on virtual screens along with the number of people before you.
  2. Connect to your account on your turn when you hear an audible signal. This will automatically redirect you to the pages of connections.
  3. Submit your application UNDER A MAXIMUM TIME OF 10 MINUTES not more.

To complete these steps, YOU must have an account created before.

The Project allows you to submit your application and pay the application fee online, follow up the application status and make any necessary changes to their application. The system also provides an electronic messaging system.

Please note that the candidates having a validated job offer from Ministère, as well as temporary residents of Quebec are eligible to submit their application for CSQP at anytime.

We will be posting a new post for the FAQ’s about the project here soon.

Let us know your questions and we will try and answer them at the earliest.


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