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Are you an International student studying in Canada and you have received a Job Offer from a Canadian Employer. Do you want to Immigrate to Canada using this job offer. Check out these steps that we outlined for you –

  1. Pre-Screening – You will need to ask your employer to get himself pre-screened for the financial documentation.
  2. Once he is done with all the documentation and forms you will need to wait for at least
    9-11 months of time period for any response from Ontario Province. The timelines keep changing for the response.
  3. Once the pre-screening is completed, you will need to submit your Application with the fee of $1,500 CAD. This process has a waiting time of 6-9 months as per the current situation.
  4. Once this is done, you will receive the Provincial Nomination from Ontario.

The total waiting time is approximately 18 months, may be more depending on the volume of applications.

Once this process is completed, you will need to fill in your electronic express entry application to apply for Permanent Residency, this process is to be done Online. Expected wait time for this clearing is around 12 months.

On an average, if you have a work permit of 3 years, this timeline is kind of scary where the expected time to get PR is approximately 3.5 Years or more. Along with this, you will be spending $1,500 CAD plus some other fee for this processing.

Don’t forget to consider that Ontario has proposed a hold on nominations till November 2016 and this is just a proposal. It may be extended further depending on the backlog of applications.

Our Recommendation – Take your job and fill in your express entry profile along with the IELTS score and everything else. Once this is done, try to to get ITA via CEC to make sure the work experience is counted and you fulfil your goal of getting PR at the earliest.

Know a better way or have a question for us, make sure you mention in comments.




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