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Are you applying for express entry or Provincial nomination but your company declined to issue letter of Job reference. Or may be your old company is closed or you are not in touch with the company anymore. Well, there is a solution where you can write this letter yourself and submit to CIC declaring a valid reason for non-availability of this letter for any issue.

Here is a format which you can follow to write a Job Reference Letter.

Dated: Date


This is to certify that XYZ, a ABC National, has been working Full time (50 hours per week) at XYZ COMPANY on the post of JOB TITLE from ___________ to date. During his service, he has been carrying out the following duties:

1.   Duty – 1
2.   Duty – 2
3.   Duty – 3
4.   Duty – 4
5.   Duty – 5
6.   Duty – 6
7.   Duty – 7
8.   Duty – 8

His monthly income is $000000/- (approx.) which becomes more than $00000000 Annually.

with Signature and Stamp

CIC Instructions –

As a general rule, reference letters:

1.    must be issued with a date
2.    the specific period of your employment with the company
3.    the position(s) you have held during the period of employment and the time spent in each position
4.    your main responsibilities in each position
5.    if possible, your total annual salary
6.    signed by a supervisory officer at the place of employment.
7.    Be on original company’s letterhead,
8.    showing the company’s full address,contact details, and be stamped with the company’s official seal

Submit the letter of reference in the above format and it should help your application sail through the immigration process without any hiccups. Have anything to add to your viewers, leave comments.

Adrienne is an immigration consultant and follows the CIC updates keenly. She has special interests in laws and upcoming policy changes in Canadian Immigration which may have impact on interested applicants.

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