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So you have decided to immigrate to Canada for a better and secure future. The first question that comes to mind is –

Can I immigrate to Canada without a job offer?

We did some research and the answer is certainly YES.You don’t necessarily need a job offer to immigrate to Canada.

There are number of categories where you potentially qualify without a job offer. You should know if you have a job offer, of course it could potentially help you qualify. But technically speaking you don’t need a job offer so the federal skilled worker category is one option, where you are the eligible based on your education your work experience scores of your ability speaking writing, monetary capability, Age etc.

There’s also the Investor category, where depending upon your network and your business experience you could qualify for immigration without a job offer. There is CEC category as well as the experience class doesn’t necessarily need to require that you have a job.

So in a nutshell, there are many ways to come to Canada even if you don’t have a job offer. In other countries it’s often more difficult, because the job offer is essential.

Canada also offers Provincial Nominee Program’s PNP’s. These provinces have their own immigration programs many of those do require job offer to qualify but sometimes they don’t as well some. Ontario PNP programs for example does not require the immigrant to have a job offer. It also has the investor program under which the person can immigrate without a job.

So hopefully this gives you some idea of the categories and the options for you.

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Adrienne is an immigration consultant and follows the CIC updates keenly. She has special interests in laws and upcoming policy changes in Canadian Immigration which may have impact on interested applicants.

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