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Getting a Police Clearance Certificate for submission to CIC Canada / Express Entry is proving to be a major hassle for Indian applicants.

In a number of cases, PCC has been rejected as the PCC date had expired by the time the application went under processing by CIC Officials. In some other cases, PCC taken by candidates from local police stations were rejected by CIC. Due to lot of confusions amongst our applicants, we decided to include this explanation here.

To submit PCC to CIC, one needs to get this done from the Regional Passport Seva Kendra. Here we outline the steps followed –


  1. Visit the PSK website linked above and sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT.
  2. You will have to fill up a form which contains your basic information. It will also ask for 2 names who know you and can your attestation if needed alongwith their names, address and phone numbers mobile or landline.
  3. The processing fee is Rs. 500 payable via online banking.
  4. You will get to choose the appointment date and PSK center nearest to you, you will be issued an acknowledgment slip of your appointment.
  5. On the day of appointment, take the copy of front page and last page of your passport, your Aadhar Card (better) or any other Govt. Identification card and your acknowledgement receipt. This slip is must without it, you are not allowed to enter PSK so make sure you carry this. Printing this outside PSK will cost you almost Rs. 100.
  6. Once you enter, Counter A will take all your documentation and a photo will be clicked before sending you to Counter B.
  7. Counter B does all verification and questioning with usual queries before sending you to Counter C, they will ask for which country you want PCC for.
  8. Counter C has a person sitting who will ask some questions if needed or just print, stamp and sign 2 copies of your PCC for whichever country you apply for which in our case is Canada.

Under normal circumstances, you won;t be asked for police verification but if they do, you need to take all your documents like Phone bill, electricity bill, PAN card, Aadhar Card, Your school certificates under one file alongwith your photographs and a copy of your passport pages. Don’t forget to take the slip for police verification as provided by the PSK.

In one or two weeks, you will get email of your PCC confirmation which can be collected from the PSK you applied at.

Pro-Tip – To avoid long queues, always try for early appointment since the wait times at Counter C may stretch to 3-4 hours.

Did you face any issue with PCC from PSK or would you like to add some tips for our readers, leave us in comments

Adrienne is an immigration consultant and follows the CIC updates keenly. She has special interests in laws and upcoming policy changes in Canadian Immigration which may have impact on interested applicants.

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