Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program: Human Capital Priorities Stream

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Ontario has declared a completely revamped method of selecting candidates out of EXPRESS ENTRY pool and sending out Letter of Interest to these candidates. Read on how you can apply for one of the most sought after Provincial Nomination programs across Canada.

  1. You must be registered with a valid profile under Express Entry 2016, if not done yet go ahead and do it at www.cic.gc.ca 

Once you have registered successfully and validated your Job-Bank profile you will receive an Express Entry profile number and JOB Seeker Validation Code. You will need to show your interest in Either “Ontario or All Provinces”. This is very particular since Ontario is also picking people who have default selection done for “All Provinces”.  Once this is completed, your profile should be qualified for one of the 2 Economic Immigration Programs : FSWP or CEC.

How you can go about this is mentioned in an application guide posted on CIC website, check out that guide here.

2. Ontario checks out your profile.

Ontario is constantly searching and identifying potential PNP candidates ONLY IF your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score is above 400 And you meet the criteria of Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream. If you are identified, you will soon receive a PT in your CIC profile, which is basically a Notification of Interest from Ontario province.

On receipt of PT, you will have 45 days left to submit your documentation to Ontario for nomination.

There is no 46th day here, there has been chances of delay by Canada Post or other reasons following which the application of candidates have been rejected.  So make sure if you apply, you send your application only after calculation a reasonable number of days for delivery. You will need to factor in at least 2-3 days of potential delivery delays due to bad weather in Canada or holidays.

Ontario states that on receipt of application, you will be notified and the application will be processed within 90 days following which if approved you will receive 600 points added to your CRS score which will help you secure ITA in the next coming draws leading to PR.

Are you waiting for applying and have some doubts, allow us to help you. Email us at – oopnpconsultant@gmail.com

If you already applied and received nomination, help others by leaving comments.

Adrienne is an immigration consultant and follows the CIC updates keenly. She has special interests in laws and upcoming policy changes in Canadian Immigration which may have impact on interested applicants.

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    Hello Adrienne,
    Our crs score is 314, do we stand any chance of receiving pnp notification from British Columbia or Ontario.
    Awaiting Response!

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